Scams loan between particular email and Facebook

Before addressing this subject, it seems essential to us to make an adjustment. In France, credit is framed by rigorous legislation. Banks and companies specializing in personal lending respect the vast majority of them.

It happens of course that one of these organizations sometimes makes an error or an irregularity (voluntary or not …). But that’s pretty rare, for a simple reason,

  • Individuals, when in doubt, often use consumer protection associations and they are lapped in this type of problem, which they generally resolve fairly quickly.
  • Banks and credit agencies know full well that negative publicity around such a problem would hurt them more than it would bring them back.

In fact, credit scams are made by individuals 


Not having a presence on the street, they mainly operate on the internet, especially on social networks. Many times they try to phish their future victims through fake testimonials of the style:

“I want to thank Mrs. So-and-so who gave me an unsecured loan of 5000 dollars at 1% interest. You too can get help from this person by contacting him on his mail.

Also note that on our site (credit notice), the moderator very regularly removes messages of this type in the comments of Internet users, at the rate of one or two per week. Some are afraid of nothing! Like this person who left us a comment dated last week:

  • A testimony of a benefactor who granted a loan of 20,000 dollars to a person banned banking and based on mutual trust, credit obtained in one week and citing a passage of the Gospel according to St. Luke!

Sites exist to list these scams, it prevents it from happening again!


What you need to know about these scams to avoid being trapped :

  1.  The vast majority of them originated in a foreign country, indeed a scammer who raged from France would take enormous risks.
  2. Most of these scams come from West Africa.
  3. Very often their texts are enameled of misspellings.
  4. An unsecured credit, it does not exist! And who can believe that someone can lend money without knowing the resources and the expenses of the borrower?

Above all, never pay a cent. Indeed these scams are all based on the same principle, a very attractive credit offer that will be paid as soon as the file fees have been paid. As much to say to you that if you pour these “expenses of file” you will have more news of this benefactor of humanity!

What does the law say?

  • Article L321-2 of the Consumer Code stipulates: No payment of any kind whatsoever may be required of an individual before obtaining one or more loans of money.
  • Article L 322-3 provides for a fine of 150,000 dollars for advertisers who have broadcast or disseminated such non-compliant advertising.

Opinion of our expert in loan and repurchase of credit Noted on: 2016-12-20 Loan or repurchase noted Scams to credit file fees.

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