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Cheap loan applications. Compare now and apply for your permanent annual toll-free credit card. It is not possible to judge whether the conditions are favorable, as the website does not contain any information on the interest conditions. For car loans and personal loans, the interest rates are rather average, at least as far as the data in the representative examples are used.

Pay for convenient online shopping offline Where can I apply for this loan? Although it often takes weeks for a branch bank to approve or reject a loan, and for a personal loan to take longer, only a few days pass between applying for and providing the loan amount.

Apply for credit on the internet – this is how it works!


In fact, getting a cheap loan is not as difficult as most people assume. Meanwhile, loans are granted on very interesting terms, so that customers can save large sums, especially on the Internet. Credit and direct banks and credit brokers currently have very good conditions. The reason for this is the current situation in the capital market.

Loans are sought-after and, of course, customers are very competitive, which will have a positive impact on consumers’ wallets as they can benefit from extremely advantageous offers.

It is always advisable to face the offers of credit. This is because credit institutions, in particular, write loans on excellent low-interest-rate terms, which often requires a high credit rating that can hardly be achieved by normal consumers with regulated average income.

Direct banks and credit institutions

Direct banks and credit institutions

Already offer more flexibility and flexibility. The acceptance of a cheap loan is also associated with a lower expenditure of time than often assumed. Because the consumer has significantly improved connectivity through research and information gathering, which of course increases the findability and also receives an optimal, personal and accurate offer.

If the consumer has applied to the principal bank for credit, the principal bank will give priority to the examination of the solvency of the potential borrower.

The monthly salary of the consumer is checked on the basis of the salary statements submitted (must come from the past 3 months). Only when these are present does the lender carry out a credit check with the debt expert (Credit Checker for short).

There may be a negative entry in the Credit Checker if the consumer was already a borrower in history but could not repay the loan transaction or if the loan transaction was terminated for other reasons. Even with other defaults is a negative entry in the Credit Checker to see. In the case of a negative booking in the Credit Checker, the financial institution can usually not meet the loan application.

This will reject the loan!

This will reject the loan!

If the debtor has short-term loans or other obligations listed in the Credit Checker information and is contractually redeemed, this is often considered very positive as it is assumed that the principal will meet the payment obligations under the contract. It may also be that the borrower has claimed loans that are not kept in the locker room.

This is an additional form of credit available on the internet under the name credit without the intermediation of the company. With this special embodiment of a loan, neither advance information is requested from the procurement office of the procuring entity nor subsequently forwarded to the procurement office of the procuring entity. Important Note: Although there are other critical issues that play an important role in lending, credit rating information is the most important starting point for lenders.

Especially if you need less money, as is often the case today, it is possible to realize this with a loan without the intermediation of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, because with this special loan your own operating credit line is not disturbed or broken. Further information about credit without Credit Checker here.